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Beijing Dongming Xingye Technology Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance on quality on the company's operation, endeavoring for the pursuit of "zero defect" in product quality. The company has establish and strictly enforced the sound ISO9001 quality management system, utilized advanced inspection equipment and scientific testing methods and testing instruments to carry out self-inspection on the structure, appearance and other aspects by the operators throughout the production process. In addition, professional-quality personnel will conduct comprehensive monitoring on the size, structure, weight, appearance, coordination and other aspects of product during the production process at any time. In allusion to the characteristics focused on precision plastic injection products, the company has increased capital investment in equipment and applied advanced measuring instruments with regard to enhance inspection methods and inspection level, including: trilinear coordinates measuring instrument, non-contact video measuring machine, spectrophotometer, network analyzer, measuring microscopes, UV energy meter, glossiness meter, chromatic aberration measuring instrument, film thickness gauge, slicer, light illuminance meter, particle ion counter and so on. Specifically, the non-contact three-D imported from the United States with the measurement accuracy of 0.002 mm. it can be equipped a 300-times zoom lens, which can be used for product scanning and microstructure measurement, and can be automatically programmed, focused and photographed. The trilinear coordinates measuring instrument imported from the United States can not only support high-precision measurement, but also can be used for the evaluation of geometric tolerance and the scanning of profile tolerance. By virtue of these precision measuring equipments, it is able to guarantee that the deviation between the plastic injection products manufactured by the company the and the design size is reduced to equivalent to 1/20 or less of hair diameter, and it can be guaranteed to meet the requirements of complex surface design.

For the sake of complying with the company’s painting, coating, and other processing and testing requirements, the company has introduced the chromatic aberration measuring instrument and glossiness measuring instrument from Japan, which can ensure that the chromatic aberration and glossiness of sprayed and coated product is in compliance with the international standards. In addition, the company has also introduced constant temperature and humidity box and tape friction testing machines and other equipment from Japan and Germany, which can simulate various environmental conditions with the temperature at 5 ~ 85 ℃ and the humidity at 40 ~ 95% RH, and measure the weathering resistance, abrasion resistance, desquamation resistance, etc., of sprayed and plated surface, so as to guarantee the quality stability of products at different seasons and in different regions.