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The Company has a dust-free molding workshop with constant temperature and humidity and the cleanliness level of one hundred thousand, realizing clean room operation, which is available for the manufacture of ultra-precision plastic products and high-standard transparent plastic products.

The company has international advanced and various tonnages of electric, high-speed, dual-color, horizontal, and vertical molding equipment, served with the computer-controlled mechanical arms and plug-in machines for simultaneous operation, which not only strengthens the production safety factor, but also reduces the possibility of product quality problems caused by man-induced reason. Specifically, the Sumitomo Precision Injection Molding Machine completely utilizes the micro-computer control, with the displacement precision up to 0.01 mm, which is particularly suitable to carry out product processing with strict size requirements; with respect to the ultrathin molding equipment, the maximum injection speed is up to 2000mm/s and it is able to accomplish the molding of 0.18 mm thin-wall.