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The mould featured by precision design and sophisticated manufacture is essential to ensure the quality of injection mold product.

Beijing Dongming Xingye Technology Co., Ltd. has experienced senior design engineer team engaged in mold design, and has the world's advanced level of precision mold design, manufacturing and analytical capabilities. In addition, the company has established scientifically rigorous mold design specification system and standardized mode of operation, specializing in designing and manufacturing of mobile phone shells, mobile phone buttons, ultrathin battery cases, auto parts and other high-precision plastic molds, as well as mobile phone mullions, grounding shrapnel and other high-precision stamping dies.

The entire process from precision design to the manufacture of sophisticated mold to customer satisfaction is not only established in the internal systematic and scientific management control procedure of Beijing Dongming Xingye Technology Co., Ltd., but also depends on the company's advanced mold processing equipment. The company has consecutively imported Mikron, Makino, HASS high-speed machining centers Charmilles and Sodick EDM, wire-electrode cutting machine from Japan, Switzerland, and the United States. Specifically, the rotation speed of Makino, Charmilles high-speed machining center is up to 2 - 40,000 rpm per minute, with the machining precision of 0.002 mm. The Charmilles 35P EDM equipment imported from Switzerland guarantees our customer’s high-quality requirements on the surface appearance of products. In addition, the fabrication of molds adopts the Swedish 3R electrode chucking system, which can achieve high-efficiency and high-precision machining, and enable mirror polishing owing to the furnishment of a mold polishing chamber with the cleanliness level of one ten thousand. In a word, the advanced processing equipment has not only effectively protected the accuracy of molds, but also greatly shorten the fabrication cycle of molds. In the rapid changing market with the launching of new products overnight, the rapid reaction is undoubtedly able to create a winning opportunity for an enterprise.