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Dongming Xingye Science Technology Co., Ltd.is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the processing of precision molds, jigs and plastic products involving design, production and scientific research.

Since the company had been put into operation in 1995, owing to the multi-party guidance, support and assistance, the company has undergone rapid increase in the level of production technology and exponential expansion in production scale. Our main businesses include: design and manufacture of precision plastic injection and stamping die, precision stamping and processing, precision injection molding, automatic coating, vacuum coating; and have the high-tech deep-processing capacity involving printing, bronzing, laser engraving, welding, assembly, and so forth. Our products have been sold to a number of domestic and foreign large-scale enterprises, won the trust of our customers.

The company has been equipped with complete and internationally advanced production equipment and processing capabilities, capable to provide the deep processing of various plastic and metal parts for the mobile phones, cars, appliances, and other manufacturers. Wherein: The mold manufacturing workshop is equipped with the machining center, wire cutting, EDM, CNC milling and other processing facilities, as well as laser welding machine and other ancillary processing facilities imported from Japan, Switzerland, and the U.S.. The processing precision of mold parts can reach ± 0.002 mm.

The stamping workshop has multiple 25-200 tons automatic punching machines and stamping parts automatic cleaning line. The punching thickness is up to 0.05-6mm. and it is able to provide customers with all kinds of multi-station precision stamping parts. The injection molding workshop has a constant temperature and humidity dust-free molding plant with the cleanliness up to one hundred thousand, and is equipped with the injection molding machines with the mould clamping force ranging from 20 tons to 850 tons. Among them, it consists of Sumitomo high speed injection molding machines, Nissei vertical injection molding machines, Sumitomo Electric double-coloured injection molding machines, and FANUC, Nissei, Sumitomo, Toshiba electric injection molding machines, etc., with the rate up to 800mm-2000mm per second. It is capable to manufacture ultra-precision plastic products and high-standard transparent plastic products.

The coating and plating workshops are dust-free with constant temperature and humidity. The coating workshop is equipped with several sets of transfer-rod, automatic coating and manual coating production lines;

The vacuum coating workshop has the evaporation, sputtering vacuum coating equipment imported from Japan, Germany, which can be implemented the shield and decorative coating in a complex plastic parts.

In addition, the company has a variety of precision measuring equipment, mainly comprising non-contact 3D video measuring machine, trilinear coordinates measuring instrument, projectors, chromatic aberration measuring instrument, RF Network Analyzer, spectrophotometer, polygonal glossmeter, film thickness gauge, friction testing machine, UV energy meter, dust ion counter, microtome and so on.

The company has made great efforts to improve product quality, strengthen scientific management, expand the research institutions, gather talents of inside from intensive industries, and cultivates high-tech and modern management inter-disciplinary talents. Furthermore, the Company is committed to sustaining innovation, and constantly creates new products to adapt to the new era. Apart from that, all employees of the company adhere to the spirit of "Cooperate With Absolute Sincerity, Strive To Diligence and Innovation", to take responsibility to meet customer demands, and make unremitting efforts to build the company as a modern conglomerate as soon as possible.